Friday, April 18, 2014

Caricatures for East Tennessee State University

I was hired to draw live caricatures at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City! I like to draw college students a little more exaggerated.


John Read said...

What were you drawing with, Brian?

BTW, have you heard of the SECNCS, of which I'm a member? The South East Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society, which has a sub-chapter in your neck of the woods, is a great way to fellowship with other ink-slingers, and our current chairman lives nearby.

Brian said...

Hi John. Thanks for stopping by! I have been using the inexpensive Crayola markers for my live caricatures. It has a nice flow of ink on the paper for quick sketching.

Around 2 years ago I become member of the local SECNCS. Occasionally I go to the monthly get togethers. Need to visit them again.

marga said...

¡Fant├ísticas caricaturas!
Me encantan :)