Thursday, May 22, 2014

American Idol's Caleb Johnson Caricature

On May 17th I drew this caricature of Caleb Johnson who is singing for American Idol's season thirteen. Searching for photos of his I found these great images of him closing his eyes with a large open mouth while singing. A great image for a fun caricature. A few days before the 17th he advanced to the top three with Jena Irene and Alex Preston. That awarded his a home town visit and parade in Asheville,NC. The morning of the parade I finished the caricature and made some large copies at a FedEx print center. Then along the parade route I handed out the posters to a few families. As he was starting the parade in a convertible one young girl from one the the families handed him my caricature poster. It was great some of the photographers captured the moment! Yesterday on May 21st Caleb was awarded the winner of season 13! I am considering printing posters and t-shirts of my caricature. I think I can do that since I created the image. (I need to look into that.)

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