Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Downtown Asheville Sketch

I drew this Asheville street corner on the spot last weekend. The location is Pack Square. It shows the older BB&T high rise building in the background that was built in the '60s. Many residents find the structure ugly. The corner shows the brick lined sidewalk. Restaurants occupy the brick building that is pre '60s. Drawn with markers and shaded with a black art stick.

Here is a photo of the corner. Altered the perspective and dimensions of the buildings, the angles of the street and placement of the light pole. Now that I look at the drawing it looks too unbalanced.

I painted a final watercolor making a few changes from the initial sketch.

Monday, October 04, 2010

ResMed Picnic in Greenville, NC

I was busy this past weekend drawing party caricatures for BB&T bank in Winston-Salem and for the ResMed company picnic in Greenville, South Carolina. Here are some of my quick caricatures.