Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fun and fast Caricatures

Depending on the venue I am at I vary my style and time spent sketching my caricatures. Some faces I make to look like cartoons. Other times I draw someone more realistically in a portrait style. I like to experiment and add more details or draw quicker simpler sketches. I always try to capture the person's likeness even with an exaggerated caricature. This busy college event called for my quick style caricatures. The video is one I did in 90 seconds.


cabap said...

amazing Brian,
I like a lot what you are doing,
you are unique !!!!!

put you by my links on my blog

Brian Vasilik said...

Thanks Jan!
I will link you too.

hanzz said...

Remarkable work ! and so fast. Amazing, yet very good !!