Monday, August 25, 2008

Caricature convention 2007

Attention! I just attended the 2008 caricature convention held November 2nd - 7th in Raleigh,North Carolina.
  • Here is the link to the pictures.

  • I also have posted some caricature related videos on my YouTube page.
  • Here is the link to YouTube.

  • Each year the National Caricature Network I belong to has an annual convention.
  • These pictures are my work from last years convention in Reno, Nevada. This year the convention will be held in Raleigh. The first time in North Carolina. Around 150 caricature artist attend the convention including members from Europe and Asia. Everyone draws each other, there are great workshops and we get to socialize with others who draw for a living. The guest speaker and this year it is
  • Ismael Roldan
  • .

    Below is my caricature of Paul Moyse from Kent, United kingdom. Amazing artist.
  • Check out Paul's blog

  • Marlo Meekins graphic caricature I did.
  • Marlo''s blog

  • "Big Al" who lives east of San Francisco.
  • Al's web log.

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    Francis Vallejo said...

    thanks for the kind words man... your caricatures look great!

    I haven't done any caricatures in over a year. But fortunately I'll be doing some every weekend this month so I'm looking forward to that!