Wednesday, November 14, 2007

End of Season Work

I have seen improvement in my work this past year.
My main goals are to simplify and get better facial anatomy.

She turned out too masculine.

On the spot gift caricature. I need to improve my bodies!!!!


KeelanParham said...

Cool stuff, Brian! Keep it up!
Being from Greenville, SC, Ghosttown in the Sky was probably the first theme park I ever attended. We have old Super 8 footage of me and the family there back when I was no more than four or five. I remember that place, Santa Land up in Maggie Valley, and when Carowinds started over in Charlotte. THOSE were themeparks to me until I was fifteen and came down to Disney for the first time. Little did I know how important Disney would be in my life one day....

Brian Vasilik said...

Thanks Keelan!
GhostTown in the Sky is my first experience drawing in a theme park. (A very small theme park) The park had been closed since '03 and reopened this past season. It needed repairs and was almost closed down. Perhaps in the future you will get a chance to visit it again.